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The business idea for Affordable Books  originates from Former APEC Youth Leader and Young Entrepreneur 1996-98 Alex De Leon Esguerra, founder of ADLE International




Affordable Books online.com is dedicated towards mentoring the youth to become future business leaders of tomorrow. From rare and out of print books to business, fiction, non-fiction and textbooks, Affordable books online shall cater towards affordability to those with limited budget and the disabled.




The book selling industry business has been focused on members of the  ABA (American Booksellers Association), Independent Sellers Brick and Mortar Retailers like http://www.biblio.com and a lot of third party market and so called penny sellers, e.g. Amazon.com, half.com without respect to a books’ true value on affordability and educating readers.




At Affordable-books online  our mission is affordability towards people living from paycheck to paycheck. Our goal is also to help low income people and the disabled by offering books within their income limits.


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