Landscape Architectural Research: Inquiry, Strategy, Design

Landscape Architectural Research: Inquiry, Strategy, Design

A practical, single-source guide tosuccessful strategies for landscape architecture research

As the scope of landscape architecture expands to engage with other disciplines, and streams of information directing this field continue to grow and diversify, it becomes increasingly important for landscape architects to be able to implement a range of effective research strategies when seeking, creating, and validating knowledge. "Landscape Architecture Research" offers a framework for advancing better design thinking solutions by supplying readers with a system of inquiry tactics that open up a wider range of research possibilities. With a logical and innovative approach that favors legitimacy of knowledge based on collective, grounded practices, rather than strict adherence to protocols drawn only from scientific models, this comprehensive, illustrated guide produces a sound argument for establishing a new paradigm for legitimizing research quality. "Landscape Architecture Research" presents:

Case studies that show how the range of presented research strategies have been successfully used in practice

New perspective on the relationship between theory, research, practice, and critique, a relationship that is specific to landscape architecture

Detailed coverage of the ways that new knowledge is produced through research activities and practical innovations in landscape architecture

The first and only book on this topic of growing importance in landscape architecture, "Landscape Architecture Research" keeps professionals and students in step with the latest developments in landscape architecture, and delivers a dynamic and flexible game plan for verifying the integrity of their work.

Title: Landscape Architectural Research: Inquiry, Strategy, Design

Author: Deming, M. Elen; Swaffield, Simon

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Publisher: Wiley: 2011-04-12

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